Guardians of Intimacy Series

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The Heart of Accompanying
Loss and End of Life

With Tew Bunnag

An intimate conversation with Tew Bunnag, who has committed his life to the study of meditation and Taiji.

We are honored to sit with Tew as he shares insights about the path of accompaniment as health professionals, individuals, families and loved ones prepare for the immense journey at the end of life, or experiences where medical intervention are no longer an option.

We see parallels in accompanying people through the intensities and sacredness of both coming into this world and leaving, and seek to open dialogue about how presence, compassion, vulnerability, transcendence, equanimity, courage and other themes aid us in this process.

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Tew Bunnag was born in Bangkok in 1947. He studied Chinese and Economics at Cambridge University and graduated in 1968. In 1966 he began his spiritual training with the late Trungpa Rinpoche and later continued with the Ven. Chao Khun Sobhana Dhammasuddhi, the then abbot of the Buddhapadipa Temple, now known as Dhiravamsa.

Since 1975 he has been a lay teacher of meditation and Taiji, and has written various books and articles on the subject. In 2000 he began to work for The Human Devlopment Foundation in Bangkok and is a past member of the board. In Spain since 2007 he has participated in the Death and Dying Symposiums organized by the University Hospital of Elche.

He has also given courses and workshops in the Secpal (Spanish Society of Palliative Care) conferences and for Eaps (Equipo de Atención Psicosocial). He has been invited to lecture and teach in various hospitals throughout Spain, and given courses on Death and Dying in the U.K, Portugal, Greece and Thailand.

Apart from his public work he also accompanies people entering their terminal stages, as well as give counselling to the family members. He was a founder member and president of the Vinyana Association that offers training to both professionals and non-professionals in providing Spiritual Companionship, and is advisor to the Costa Brava Hospice Association and to the Metta Hospice Foundation. He continues to give courses in Taiji, Qigong and the Yijing.

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