Full Presence Meditation (DBM)

A meditation course/coaching with Marcello Windolph

THESE ARE SENSITIVE TIMES and for many healthcare professionals, doulas, parents, therapists, and social workers these are also stressful or taxing periods we are experiencing in our calling to accompany people through challenges.

GUARDING AND GUIDING THE WAY from challenging life events to positive, empowering personal transformation, or simply being available to others, and to life in general, requires presence.

PRESENCE CAN BE DEVELOPED AND PRODUCES A DOUBLE-SIDED EFFECT; on the one hand it deepens our capacity and competences to make ourselves available, and, on the other hand, presence itself is balsam and a most potent medicine for self-care.

HOW THE INTIMACY WITH OURSELVES facilitates the way in which we may accompany the unfolding of body-mind in the other was the founding experience which inspired the dream of sharing this work with passionate participants.

Why Meditation?

Meditation is often mistaken as a strategy towards a certain goal, when it is in fact rather the practice of actual connection.

In Meditation we engage in a practice that can develop attentional competences: competences of perception, competences to reflect and competences to feel and experience life in profundity, which in return is fulfilling and gives meaning to one’s own experienced lifetime.

In this course, we meditate together to develop our presence, because if we just sit and meditate into the unknown we can lose a lot of time. Developing the quality of your personal Meditation requires certain competences and these can be learned. This course is aimed to provide a comprehensive step by step guidance which was developed by Prof. Danis Bois in what he named Full Presence Meditation DBM Educational Process.

In the Full Presence Meditation DBM
we invite you to:

– (re) discover your personal relationship to silence and develop your own discrete access to the depth of rest and rejuvenation embedded deeply in yourself.

– cultivate presence within yourself, towards others and the world you live in

– develop competences to successfully deal with stress and anxiety

– develop a perception beyond the normal, naturalistic and habitual perception of everyday life

– (re) discover that meditation is a powerful tool to nourish the relationship you yourself have to the present moment and to your lived experience,

– learn step-by-step pathways to develop competences which will stabilize and deepen your presence, both in your professional practice and personal life.



Each module includes:

A 4-WEEK PROGRAM during which you are encouraged to develop your personal regular daily meditative practice (investment: approx. 60min/day).

LECTURES AND TOPIC-SPECIFIC CONVERSATION , live in a group, to deepen understanding of this meditation technique, practice and its benefits.

A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT IN THE FORM OF RECORDED AUDIO , 8 meditations (2/week) per module which evolve in theme over time and accompany your internal process,

ONE WEEKLY LIVE SESSION ON ZOOM where we meditate and have time for personal tuition and mentorship (120 minutes).

KEEPING A PERSONAL DIARY TO NOTE YOUR EXPERIENCES . This will allow you to become aware of the progress you are making in your meditative practice and how this may reflect in your relationship to yourself, others and the world around you.

Enrollment fees:

Per module (4-weeks): 200€
Enrollment in all five modules for the price of four.

Module 1: Setting the body conditions to access the plentitude of silence

  • 20th May Welcome And Start, Zoom 1
  • 27th May Mentoring Zoom 2
  • 3rd June Mentoring Zoom 3
  • 10th June Mentoring Zoom 4 Closure

Module 2: The Senses And The Pathway To Embodiment

  • 8th July Welcome And Start, Zoom 1
  • 15th July Mentoring Zoom 2
  • 22nd July Mentoring Zoom 3
  • 29th July Mentoring Zoom 4 Closure

Module 3: The Nature Of Thinking, And How To Navigate Thought In Meditation

  • 5th August Welcome And Start, Zoom 1
  • 12th August Mentoring Zoom 2
  • 19th August Mentoring Zoom 3
  • 26th August Mentoring Zoom 4 Closure

Module 4: Developing Presence

  • 2nd September Welcome And Start, Zoom 1
  • 9th September Mentoring Zoom 2
  • 16th September Mentoring Zoom 3
  • 23rd September Mentoring Zoom 4 Closure

Module 5: Resonance, And How It Guides Us To Access Wisdom Of The Heart In Relationship With The Self, The Other And The World

  • 7 October Welcome And Start, Zoom 1
  • 14 October Mentoring Zoom 2
  • 21 October Mentoring Zoom 3
  • 28 October Mentoring Zoom 4 Closure

    Marcello Windolph    

Marcello Windolph is the co-director of the Guardians Of Intimacy, a certified Perceptual Educator and Fasciatherapist DBM. His treatments with pregnant people and babies are welcomed in resolving malpositioning and discomforts in the body and for psycho-emotional wellbeing.

He was initiated to a form of taoist foundation training, and was especially drawn to the rigorous practise of Xing Shen Zhuang Gong since 2003. From this time on he devoted to the study and self research of this uncommon traditional treasure intensively with Prof. Wang Ting-Jun in Europe and in China.

In 2010 he became a student of Wang Liping, the 19th generation lineage holder of the ‘Northern Dragon-Gate School Of Taoism’ in north-east China, where he was introduced to new perceptions and a desire to utilize the developed competences as a pedagogue.

Marcello’s therapeutic approach is based in western scientific methods as a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapy DBM and Perceptual Education DBM).

In the years assisting and learning with Prof. Dr. Danis Bois and especially his wife Dr. Helene Bourhis-Bois, all experiences and training melted together and now inform the principles and methods that are the contents of Marcello’s teaching and therapeutic work.